The W for Weighing!

This ISOBUS 11783 compatible weighing spreader is equipped with an unique reference sensor. The FlowPilot dashboard on each spreading disc ensures simple and quick setting or adjustment. Different hopper capacities are available: 1,875 litres and they can be increased with maximal 3 hopper extensions up to 3,900 litre capacity! Working widths from 12 up to 54m are possible. The DSX-W can be operated with the Kubota IsoMatch Tellus or Tellus GO.

The Kubota DSM-W and DSX-W are weighing spreaders with the advantages of speed related spreading and a high frequency automatic calibration. The DSM-W has hopper volumes from 1,100 - 2,000 litres, can spread up to 28 metres and has one 10 tonne load cell. The DSX-W has more capacity with hopper volumes from 1,500 - 3,900 litres, can spread up to 54 meter and it has four 5 tonne load cells positioned on both the front and the rear side of the spreader for the most accurate weighing. With the unique reference sensor the weighing system of the DSM-W and DSX-W will correct automatically on slopes and for shocks. Therefore these spreaders can work with high accuracy on rough terrains and in hilly conditions.




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