The in-field pick up BALE BARON® 4240P is designed with a bale boosting conveyor that grabs bales off the field and packs them up.

There are three options for powering the 4240P: 1. Remote Hydraulics from the tractor; 2. Diesel Powered Power Unit; 3. PTO powered Power Unit.


Model Specifications

MODEL 4240 P 4245 P
Trails Behind Baler With Optional Receiving Platform With Optional Receiving Platform
Pull Type - Behind Tractor Yes Yes
Surge Brakes Optional Optional
Closed Center Hydraulic System Standard Standard
Open Center Hydraulic System Optional Optional
Load Sensing System Standard Standard
Diesel Powered Hydraulic Power Unit - For Tractors with Insufficient Hydraulic Capacity Optional Optional
30 GPM PTO Powered Unit Optional Optional
40 GPM PTO Powered Unit N/A Optional
Hydraulic Oil Cooler Standard with Power Units Standard with Power Units


14"x18" Bale - 21 Bale Bundle

16"x18" Bale - 18 Bale Bundle

Standard Standard

400/hr. at 20 GPM or 75 LPM

600/hr. at 25 GPM or 95 LPM

800/hr. at 30 GPM or 113 LPM

1000/hr at 40 GPM or 150 LPM
Horsepower Requirement 80 hp minimum 100 hp minimum
Hydraulic Flow Requirement

20 GPM or 75 LPM minimum

25 GPM or 95 LPM plus recommended

Up to 45 GPM or 170 LPM
Maximum Permissible Hydralic Flow 30 GPM or 113 LPM 45 GPM or 170 LPM
Load Sensing Power beyond coupler Required on tractor Required on tractor
Remote SCV Required 2 sets 2 sets
Shipping Weight 11,250 LBS. or 5100 KG. 11,375 LBS. or 5160 KG.
Shipping Weight with Power Unit 11,960 LBS. or 5425 KG. 12,150 LBS. or 5510 KG.
Width with Standard Tires 98 in or 250 cm 98 in or 250 cm
Width with Wide Flotation Tyres 104 in or 264 cm 104 in or 264 cm




Product Video